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#24 why beliefs are pretty darn silly
A belief is an idea acquired through inheritance, experience, or impersonation. Beliefs are internally synonymous with truth and limit the holder’s choices to a defined set of actions...
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#23 mark manson/Lori Gottlieb podcast notes
Original video: What Everyone Gets Wrong About Mental Health (ft. Lori Gottlieb) – Mark Manson podcast Therapy happens outside the therapy session. You go to dance...
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#22 Kintsugi: The ARt of the Golden REdneck
This is kintsugi. A broken piece of pottery is repaired by welding the pieces back together. With gold. The artistic form of repair is brought to you by the island nation of Japan....
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Sunset bicycle
#21 The ride
Instantly awkward, my hands found surprisingly soft purchase on the love handles of a grinning Colombian whose demeanor implied such an interaction was part and parcel of a standard...
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# 20 The Man's Prayer
“I’m a man. But I can change. If I have to. I guess.” Red Green – “The Man’s Prayer” I’ve been thinking about the power of those...
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Today we discuss the beautiful tragedy of life itself, a miracle so incomprehensibly, unfathomably overwhelming that it must, ironically, be ignored to be appreciated. It begins, then...
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